Active Disaster Recovery solution for your information

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DbTwice allows our security team to restore the production Database with one click. You focus on selling, and well focus on keeping your data safe.

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Types of Restore

SwitchOver: We switch the roles between your Production Database and your Standby Database so that you can be online in minutes. ______________________ ———————— FailOver: We activate the database copy as the Production Database

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Minutes Or Less

Our average SwitchOver time is so low that you can be back and running your applications in no time!

How does it Work?

DbTwice keeps an updated copy of your database that can be used to restore your production database in the case of an emergency.
  • With our ease of access, you are one click away from restoring your data.

  • Our Expert customer support service is available 24/7, anywhere in the world in the case that you encounter any issues.

  • Dbtwice is an active disaster recovery solution that keeps an updated copy of your database in standby.

  • There are no commands. Everything is clicked. You can keep track of the synchronization status through our beautiful graphs and information meters.